The Lord is saying to his children ARISE, ARISE. It’s time to start moving forward. Do not be slack concerning My directions. I am already setting My remnant, My chosen people into place. FEAR NOT for I have orchestrated this from beginning to end. Put your trust in Me, not in man. There will be hindrances, but the battle is not yours, it is Mine. I have this. Prepare yourselves, seek My face, spend time in My presence. This is not a common thing. You will see and experience things you have never seen before. I will take you to new places in Me, places you have never been before. You will move into the authority and power of the calling I have called you to. Just as a person gathers flowers for a bouquet, the Holy Spirit is hand picking those He wants to use to usher in revival. A desire to go up higher is being instilled into those He has chosen. Even as I speak floodgates are beginning to open. GET READY for My Holy Spirit is ready and waiting on His people to prepare and GET READY. This is not a time for growing weary, but a time for moving forward in the Spirit of the Lord. Lift up your voices and praise Me. I will begin to pour out My blessings in ways you can’t even imagine. Put your confidence in no man, but only put your trust in Me. You are a remnant, a chosen people, who I want to work through NOW to accomplish My Kingdom on earth as in heaven. I say to you this day, act quickly when I give directions, then WAIT. This is the process for ushering in the revival. So be patient, don’t get ahead of My instructions, but WAIT when I say WAIT. Be ready for the next shift. This will come to pass in My timing.


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