Burnt Skin ~ Healing, Restoration

When I was visiting my 14 month old granddaughter Haven last weekend, we had just made some hot tea and it was poured into a large thermos bottle.  One of the family members was holding Haven and she bumped the thermos with her arm and the whole container full of hot tea poured all over Haven.  It went from her neck down onto her shoulders and down her chest.  She immediately began crying and screaming in pain and had large red whelps appear on her skin surface!  My daughter told me to grab my purse and let’s head to the Emergency Room.  I told her that I was going to grab my vial of flowing oil and anoint her first.  My faith was so strong.  I knew this was all she needed.  I rubbed the oil all over Haven’s neck, shoulders, and chest.  She was squirming and crying in pain and began to settle down.  We watched the red whelps disappear immediately, with our own eyes!!  Although the baby still seemed to be agitated and restless, but not crying.  I said I must have missed an area that is still burning on her.  Sure enough, we raised her chin up and there was small streak that was still bright red and whelped up.  I anointed that area as well and it immediately went away.  Within minutes, she was down playing in the floor and giggling!  God can heal and restore absolutely anything.