Cancer in Nose ~ Healing

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Grace and someone anointed me with the Holy Oil and prayed over me about a cancerous tissue that was in my left nostril.  I had seen a doctor about this several different times.  Once the growth was cauterized and it grew back.  Another time it was frozen and it still grew back.  But this prayer with the oil is when I received my miraculous healing and blessing from the Lord!

From the time I walked out of the doors of the Grace gift shop, until I reached my car just several hundred feet down the sidewalk, that growth was completely gone!  I got in my car and looked in my mirror up my nose and could clearly see that it was totally gone!  My nostril even felt differently.  I began to praise God for removing that cancerous tissue!  I was able to cancel the surgery.  Glory be to God!