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Severe Re-flux/ Esophageal Disease ~ Healing, Restoration

My first time to the Grace 251 store in Dalton, GA, I was listening to the many testimonies of healing of other people.  One in particular was about a lady that had a stroke and everything she ate tasted bitter.  After being anointed and prayed for, she left Grace 251 to get something to eat with her husband at the… Read more “Severe Re-flux/ Esophageal Disease ~ Healing, Restoration”

S. Hall

Salvation in ICU ~ Healing

Brother Larry Wyatt at age 67 was unsaved and full of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and was in a coma, on life support.  I, Pastor Bankston, went to the ICU unit with Jim Graham, Larry’s brother-in-law, with full intentions to pray and share the Good News with him.  However we went that Tuesday, he was septic, on life support and the… Read more “Salvation in ICU ~ Healing”

Pastor Bankston

Cancer in Nose ~ Healing

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Grace and someone anointed me with the Holy Oil and prayed over me about a cancerous tissue that was in my left nostril.  I had seen a doctor about this several different times.  Once the growth was cauterized and it grew back.  Another time it was frozen and it still grew back. … Read more “Cancer in Nose ~ Healing”


Burnt Skin ~ Healing, Restoration

When I was visiting my 14 month old granddaughter Haven last weekend, we had just made some hot tea and it was poured into a large thermos bottle.  One of the family members was holding Haven and she bumped the thermos with her arm and the whole container full of hot tea poured all over Haven.  It went from her… Read more “Burnt Skin ~ Healing, Restoration”


Cancer Liver ~ Healing

A friend’s father had a scan that showed spots on his liver.  He was anointed and prayed for.  A second MRI showed no spots on his liver!


Burnt Skin ~ Healing, Restoration

Our church in De Funiak, FL had received a vial of the oil.  We prayed for a woman who had been severely burned, second and third degree burns with scarring, was anointed and prayed for with the oil. She was healed and even the SCARS were GONE!

Virginia M.

Kidney Failure ~ Healing, Restoration

A lady was in the hospital in Dalton, GA with kidney failure.  Her creatinine dn level was 9.5.  She was told when the level reached 10, she would die and they told her she had about seven days to live. A family member received some of the oil, went to the hospital, anointed and prayed for her.  Her family began… Read more “Kidney Failure ~ Healing, Restoration”

Cancer Stage 4 ~ Healing

The church secretary’s son-in-law began vomiting uncontrollably for three days and lost 20 pounds. On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, he went to Floyd Medical Center for an outpatient colonoscopy.  The doctors could not finish the test because of a large mass that was blocking his colon.  They also found nodules in his lungs and neck.  He was diagnosed with stage… Read more “Cancer Stage 4 ~ Healing”

Missy L.

Broken Bone ~ Healing, Restoration

A man had a broken arm, which was in a cast.  While awaiting surgery, he was prayed for an anointed with oil.  When it was time for the surgery, they removed the cast, x-rayed his arm, and found there was NO evidence of any bone ever being broken!

Donna H.

Cancer Stage 4 ~ Healing

A man had stage 4 cancer.  The tumor had metastasized all over his body.  We anointed and prayed over him.  When the second MRI was performed, any sign of the cancer that had metastasized was gone. Only the original tumor remained.  Doctors were baffled and we are believing for total healing!

Cancer Stage 4 ~ Healing

Judy, Lynn, Leslie and I were called to a house to pray for a man who had stage 4 cancer. He was given 1 to 2 months to live. I asked his mother to anoint him and pray for him and we would agree with her. The following Friday he went to the doctor and was announced cancer free!

Johnny Taylor